Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Manor College Student-Athlete Code of Conduct

As a student-athlete at Manor College, you have many obligations to the College, the Department of Athletics, and the entire Manor Community. As an athlete, you have a higher level of visibility and responsibility that other students do not have. Your behavior, whether it is positive or negative, will give people a lasting impression of all student-athletes and the Manor College Department of Athletics.

Your primary purpose for attending Manor College is the educational programs it offers, therefore, your first responsibility is toward the successful completion of your academic work. An athlete is expected to perform at his/her best in his/her sport, as well as, to perform at your best in all areas of your educational life. Although athletics is an integral part of your total educational experience, it must never surpass your educational purpose for attending Manor College.

As a member of an athletic team at Manor College, you are a representative of Manor College, and you are expected to assume certain responsibilities in addition to those expected of all students.  All student-athletes MUST:

  • A. Conduct yourself in such a manner as to bring credit to you, the Department of Athletics, and the College.
  • B. Since the action of student-athletes reflects upon the College, the team, and the Department of Athletics, each member of a team is to discourage irresponsible conduct on the part of a teammate.
  • C. Athletes are expected to practice good sportsmanship during all practices and competitions. This includes: no foul language, excessive roughness, or the use of verbal threats towards opponents, teammates, coaches, fans and officials.
  • D. Team members are expected to attend and participate fully in scheduled practice and/or training sessions, unless excused by the coach.
  • E. The use of illegal drugs or abuse of legal drugs or alcohol will not be tolerated. Disciplinary action will be promptly taken.
  • F. Team members are required to attend and complete all mandatory study hall hours in the Library for one hour a day throughout the academic year.
  • G. Failure to comply with this Code of Conduct will result in dismissal from all athletic teams.


John Dempster